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GMAT, GRE & LSAT Preparation

GMAT, GRE & LSAT are unique standardized testing products.

Success requires an understanding of both the presentation format and the higher-order critical thinking skills involved.

Whether attending a live tutoring session, tutoring by distance via Skype and whiteboard or completing a self-contained line tutorial,

You learn the traditional content, individual question strategy methods, the  unique approach to success for each particular test and then you practice in the simulated testing environment.

Diana Greenwell offers one-on-one

Private tutoring for the GMAT, GRE and LSAT.

Private tutoring sessions are the proven way

to increase scores!

Private tutoring sessions allow Diana to help each student develop test familiarity,

hone the desired skill set

& develop a strategic approach to the test.

Through the use of Skype and a private, interactive whiteboard, Diana is able to offer private tutoring to students all over the world.

For those preparing for the GRE,

Diana offers a unique, self-paced online tutorial available by monthly subscription.

This tutorial is the most cost-effective way to prepare for GRE.

It can be supplemented, if necessary,  with  private tutoring

For those preparing for LSAT,

Diana has developed a special class that will be

administered by Delphi Logic LLC.

Covering all aspects of LSAT & including practice tests, workshops and exclusive metrics, the Delphi LSAT helps you create your own test strategy and puts you on the road to LSAT success!

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